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To secure a Premium Listing on this site:

1) Follow the link to place a Premium Listing. Complete the online form and be sure
     to write down the password you enter so you can modify your site in the future.

2) Mail us payment for your Premium Listing (and advertising, if you decide to place
    a Marketplace Banner Ad.)   Remit payment (check or money order) to:                     
    Educational Adventures America, 1504 South Johnson Court, Lakewood,
    Colorado 80232.  Make check payable to Educational Adventures.  If you need an
    Invoice prior to payment, E-mail us and we'll send you an invoice as a PDF.

3) After reviewing your listing and we will upgrade it from "Free" to "Premium"
    upon receipt of payment. 


Cost:  $99 per season … Through Dec. 31 of current year. See Advertising area for special offers.

    * A Premium listing places your camp at or near the top in your category.
       Free camp listings are always listed after premium listings in alphabetical order.

    *  Premium listings invite additional information in the description… form 250 characters
       to 500 or more);  An additional page is provided to include: camp dates, cost,
       address, etc., and total visits.

If you have a question, E-mail us at:

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