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About Us                  Updated: Feb. 9, 2015
    The leadership for this online camp guide is provided by Educational Adventures America (E2A), a non-profit organization. E2A's mission is to provide products and services that inform, inspire and empower learners of all ages. Visit E2A at to learn more.  The Founder and Editor of the CSCG is Doc Palmere.  The CSCG was created in 2005 as a service to help camp directors share information about their camps with Colorado parents of camp age children. In 2005,  data for 592 camps was hard coded in HTML. Beginning in 2006 a "power script" was purchased from developers in South Africa. 

Message to Camp Directors

    The (CSCG) offers a free camp listing to ANY camp that serves the youth of Colorado and is located in Colorado. Camps outside the state may be listed (if we have first-hand knowledge that they serve Colorado kids).

     Camp Directors are welcome to submit their camp information using the "
List a Camp" button on the main home page. Free camp listings are arranged alphabetically in its category. Premium camp listings, which will list your camp at the top of your category, are available for a fee of $99. (use the "Premium Listing" button on the main home page).

    All camps submissions are moderated for approval or rejection by a staff member.  Some camps are submitted from public information.  If your camp already has been submitted, you can contact us for the password to modify your camp, or submit you camp with the prefix
R-2 before your camp name.  We will do our best to update publicly submitted information as quickly as possible. 

Message For Parents…
     Share the link to our camp guide with coworkers, friends and family.  Word of mouth is key to helping other families find great enrichment activities for kids during the summer.

For Advertising and Supporting the CSCG.
     Help promote your camp by placing ads on the Colorado Summer Camp Guide. We offer two types of ads:
Premium Listings     
       Marketplace Ads     

Click here for more information on Advertising.

Legal Information
     Legal information, including Terms of Use,  Privacy Statement, and Disclaimer can be found in the above navigation bar or in the navigation bar at the bottom of the page.

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