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To advertise on the Colorado Summer camp Guide web site simply select the type of plan from the list below.  Then E-mail us with information about your organization and attach your ad.
Mail a check (or money order) with a copy of the Email and ad to: Educational Adventures America,
1504 South Johnson Court, Lakewood, CO 80232  Make check payable to Educational Adventures.
If you need an invoice to remit payment, let us know and we'll send you a pdf-invoice via E-mail.

Our E-mail address:       Click here

Cost: $249 per season 
Time Period: From date of payment through Dec. 31 (one season)

    *  Ads are located on the right side of the front page, and listing pages of the web site .
    *  Ads are 144 pixels wide by 96 pixels deep (1.5" x 1")
    *  Ads can have six (6) cells of animation (max. size is 40K)
    *  Ads rotate upon page loading (or refresh) once there are more than 12 ads.
    *  The ads on the front page are the same as the ones on the right side of this page.
    *  Ad location is on a first-come, first-served basis. Maximum of three ads per position
    *  Send in your .gif or .jpeg as an attachment to
    * Time Period is for one season. From date of payment through  Dec. 31st of this year.
    * Our editor can help you create your banner from your camp web page. (no charge).


  A. Premium Listing only $99.00 each per season.
      B. Marketplace Banner Ad = $249 per season
      C. Premium Listing + Marketplace Ad = Separately $349.00 reduced to $299.00

Got a question?  E-mail us at:

See the current Marketplace banner Ads to the right side of this page.

Marketplace Ads

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